Federation Sabre Class

This have been finished a while, some of my favourite little ships, They are made of white metal.

SR Sab 1

SR Sab 2

SR Sab 3

SR Sab 4

SR Sab 5




3 responses to “Federation Sabre Class

  • John Doe

    Where are these beauties from?
    they’re perfect!
    excellent job painting them so accurately too by the way, my hands would be nowhere near so steady.

    Looking forward to your borg ships getting some love soonish…

  • slotkarman

    Hi Jon thanks for that…most of it is just dry brushing…except the detals!
    They are from one of the members of Star ranger forum,

  • John Doe

    Many thanks for the tipoff…
    I might see if there are some to be had, that and similarly scaled oberths.

    Theres a lot of new 1/2500 romulan vehicles out there now…
    though I hope this russia crud settles down so as we can buy stuff from em easily again! They make awesome food and model kits, and electronics!

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