Another word about bases!

I have been busy making decal/transfers for all my fleet scale ships.

So far I have applied them to all Federation ships, I have a sheet for both Klingon and Romulan ships, including names and ship types, the aim being it makes it easier for players to keep track during a game.

I used as many “official” names and registry numbers as I could, bit it is also quite interesting to dream up new ones with numbers to match!


All fleets will eventually covered. however it is not without problems, the chemicals that make the decal confirm to the odd shape of the base is causing the ink to run on occasion, even though the decal has been sealed with the correct solution! I’m going to try a clear polythene spray next.

Gob fed bas

gob fed bas 2

Gob Kling bas

Gob Rom Bas 1

Gob rom bas 2


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