UPDATED Federation Orbital Ship Yards….with warp drive W.I.P!!!

Shipyard 1

Been meaning to make one of these for My Game/Federation Fleet for a long time. I kit bashed lots of bits from the spares box.

These included parts from MPC Space 1999 Moonbase kit, 1/72 russian armoured car mounted rocket system, Heroclix Nebula class spaceship.

I thought it might be useful to have the Orbital ship/repair yard/facility warp cabable so fitted it with some nacelles from a nebula class also used the Pod!!! Pretty imressed with it so far and it is also quite big having enough room for a Galaxy class ship from Furuta!!

I’m going to have to think up some rules for it now!!

At the moment it has been sprayed with primer paint…over the coming days I will detail it, add a base/stand …pictures when I have got a bit further!

Crew section/Warp Nacelles/Bridge/sensor Pod

Crew section/Warp Nacelles/Bridge/sensor Pod

Shipyard 3

Shipyard 4

Heroclix Galaxy Class inside!

Heroclix Galaxy Class inside!






HR 1 Z

Repair Support ships USS Proton and USS Rigel

Repair Support ships
USS Proton and USS Rigel


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