Big Ship Bases

When I decided to move into the world of Fleet scale I opted for a hex mat so i could use Hex flight stands for all my ships.

It was all going well until my ships started to get bigger. It started to get difficult finding the centre of gravity for the mounting post,  however, the slightest of breezes would knock down the ship, more often than not breaking the post and requiring hole to be drilled out again.

After doing this several times I knew it couldn’t go on. Something had to be done.

The solution popped up when I was at a party where there were disposable wine glasses, the ones with the removable base! I collected up as many as I could (kitbash scavanger mode!) and thought about how I might use the part.

The plastic wine glass base was transparent, but the stem location point would need a bit of filling so that it could take the mounting post of the flight stand.

I used grey pro create, but Green stuff would work well enough, whilst in an unset state i pushed in the mounting post to get a good locating lug hole.

Sitting there looking at the base it was good, did the job but no hex.

I had some clear plastic hex bases and decided there must be a way of getting them in the space under the wine glass base.

There was!  Sadly the hex required drilling out to just over 8mm every attempt to do this with a drill resulted in the destruction of the hex! it took several attempts with a craft knife and a file and a fair amount of time, but eventually i managed to create a hole in the hex base that would allow it to slip onto the underside of the wine glass (stem lug) without the need for glue (if you are careful)

The result is a totally stable platform for big ships with an outline of a hex for easy movement on the mat.    Job done!

Base 1Base 2


10 responses to “Big Ship Bases

  • mikeland82

    Clever use of the wineglass and hex base.

  • slotkarman

    Yes, they were from my brothers twin’s naming do last year!!!!
    I think he would have wanted to use them again! hahahahahaha But plastic wine glasses don’t tend to stand up to well without a base!

  • spacegobbie

    Is that dominion cruiser from starship adversaries?

  • slotkarman

    both are very good, but if you want 1/7000 scale Starship adversaries would be the one.

  • John Doe

    Howdy, Haven’t commented for a while.
    Huge fan of your collection, particularly the kitbashed moving drydock and the romulans!

    Will you be getting a shrike class, a griffin class, a shadow/heavy experimental warbird/kerchan class… maybe even some nice valdores?

    also, for your bases:
    retailing fixtures are inexpensive (~30c per base), P.O.P. pivot stands come in a variety of sizes and with multiple knuckles, can be used to pivot your starships WITHOUT TOPPLING THEM =)
    I use magnetised telescoping and 3knuckled POP bases for my starship battles. Nothing cooler (or dweebie/nerdier?) that a custom Borg Cube on a large POP stand vs a bunch of other ships all at different angles!
    I recommend the Federation Models Borg Cube and Starbase, and several customs that are out there (based on 3D printers and hobby cubes).

    I run a different, customised scale personally: I prefer more the Furuta starships and the larger scale for some figures. I also run with ‘oversized’ shuttles (as in STO), its just easier to have the detail that way and to not loose them.
    Defiant is the same size as a reliant/oberth or a TOS/TMP Constitution bridge saucer,
    Incursion is also like defiant: Star Trek: Away Team and Star Trek: Elite Force are fond memories!
    Prometheus and Premonition are ~Ent E sized, and judging by that scene from First Contact where ENT E interdicts the defiant, ENTE is around ~900m long!!! =)
    Thats okay, cause ENTD was 600odd.

    Since you’re into customising, you could easily build a shrike class from plasticard and matchsticks etc,..
    romulan ships are relatively simple to customise that way heh.

    Live long and prosper!

    • slotkarman

      Hi John, many thanks for your comments……and sorry about the woefully late response!!!
      Shrikes are certainly on the list of ships to add to My roms, I will be getting the Starship collection Valdore too when it comes out in Oct.
      My skills aren’t really up to making a shrike so will likely have to get a 3d one!
      I use Furuta Galaxy and nebulas now…..but nothing bigger in scale…..detail does suffer at 1/7000 ish though!!!
      I would really love to have both the federation model kits, they would work very well at this scale….I will have to save up…nearly got one of the cubes a while back,…..i really should have bought it.
      I actually have a couple of those pivoting bases for some planes…not really ever thought about it for these ships but it is worth thinking about!!! good point.

      • John Doe

        Not at all a problem regarding the intermittent reply: real world happens and with the way things are going, interruptions are to be expected heh.

        That is good news all round!

        I recommend the POP bases as the round bottoms can be sourced from Displays2Go or their european re-stockers, (a couple of german/spanish companies) or printed in clear PLA,
        and they come in 40mm round all the way up to 160mm round, the pivoting joints work oh-so-much better than some of the gyroscopic rigs I’ve seen around the place, and there’s even telescopic arms too! The best bit? the knuckles come ‘pre-drilled’ in standard magnet sizes, so all you need to do is the simple magnetic tangential force equation to determine the strength of magnet needed… or you can just chuck a bit of coat hanger wire into the model and that seems to work just as well!

        As for the borgies,
        you might have seen B6R7’s blog
        on an assault cube made from 2 hobby boxes + evergreen + tea light etc… its shaping up!

        There’s also the borgie pyramid, obelisk, cylindrical prism (toilet roll/poly-pipe carved up with conduit and bits of melted sprue = borg cylinder)
        the dodeca– diamond, queen’s ship,
        the sphere (golfballs are nice proxie starting points, as are acrylic orbs from plastics companies)
        and the cube: if you’re not fortunate enough to have a 3D printer or a copy of Federation Models AWESOME kit (and believe you me, it is the definitive kit, authentic to the motion picture), and if you can’t be bothered subscribing to the pewter-crap magazine just for the bonus cube…
        I think a cube would be around 16″x16″x16″, with a tactical cube being 12-14″^3,
        and Locutus’s being 17-18^3…
        With a rep-strap 3D printer, you can print each of the panels barely in the maximum printable area, trick to making models look more borgy is to reduce the fill and use smaller fillament with less cooling time…

        I’d be keen to see your take on a Borg Installation,
        or some of those shapeways borg-asteroids (they’re rocks with robo-arms out of em…).
        ShapernMaker has tutorials for how to make terrain and asteroids, great for making borg asteroids/installations.
        The ‘burning starship’ tutorial can be applied to ST:TNG stuff too; I’m working on battledamaged wrecks atm.
        Huzzah for plastruct/delvies plastics and Patterson’s plastics, thats for sure!

      • slotkarman

        Hi Jon, just about to upload a lot of stuff to blog!
        I have had a quick look for those bases but can’t see which ones you are refering to.

        That borg cube looks very interesting I’m following his progress!! Not sure what I will do about that, I’d like the federation models vesion at some point.
        I’ll get a 3d printer one day, when they come down in price to something akin to a inkjet! so somepoint in next 10 years!

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