Karma at Work

Been meaning to do this since before Christmas but time has been short….
Late last year I had an enquiry from someone who came across this Blog and really liked some of my shield Decals on my Romans and asked me where I got them, as he was keen to put them on his Roman troops.
I made them myself…..and luckily for him I had some left and a lot of others he might have been interested in. I couldn’t really charge him for them as sometimes the decals don’t always work too well….it’s hit and miss.
I decided that I’d send them out to him if he paid postage…(he lived in USA) which he did.
When the decals  arrived I got a very nice email thanking me and asking if I might find a use for an Army Of Romans, Trojans and Carthaginians he had in 1/72 scale that he (Steve) no longer required. He’d been reading about my Roman battlefield that I did for a school and wondered if they would be any use for them.
Well yes, they certainly would!!!!
The Army arrived see below. When the children next do  Romans as a topic, which will be later this year I will take them in.
Not quite sure what we will do with them, but very likely let the kids paint them and decide…perhaps make them into a game…or maybe another battle scene which they can produce as a group activity….I’m sure they will want to make a lot of buildings to scale too!!!
Whatever they get used for the children will be extremely happy to have them.
Books are great, but seeing something in 3d is better, it really fires up their imaginations!!!
So here it is the point.  No money was exchanged, bothsides feeling extremely good about themselves and the by product of the exchange is that another generation will get to be creative and learn something that they might not normally have done…some of those may well go on to do some more hobby, but it is very unlikely any of them will ever forget what they saw and what they learned from it.
Positive Karma at work….that’s such a great leap forward from Bitching on forums and being negative all the time isn’t it????
When I sent Steve the decals, I had no idea he would send me a load of figures….he probably didn’t realise he would!!!
If all you do is go about being negative and moaning that is really all that you can expect to receive in return.
So remember, next time you are on a forum reach out, share the love, the positive effects are enormous, you have no idea where they may lead.
Box of Romans

Box full of Romans, Celts and Carthaginians


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