Starship Vorenus

The Starship Vorenus is a collective collaboration of friends, my friends!!!!

Our common denominator……..hobbyists for the Wargaming/Model Making/Kit bashing/Rule book experts/painting/mould making….well you get the picture!! In a range of scales and periods.

Some pretty interesting things will be happening over there in the coming weeks and months.

Between our little band of 6 we have some pretty wide ranging interests and some great skill sets which will eventually turn into things which you may well like.

We have all been friends for some time and used to hang out on forums…but Forums are difficult these days for creative types, often stiffled by negativity which destroys freedom of expression, thought and creativity. We’ve had enough of all that nonsense and we’re doing something about it. …for ourselves and for you.

If you have stumbled across us through trawling the web for information, help, guidence or advice to help you make an informed judgement about something hobby related….chances are you will find it on the Starship soon. It’s going to be an interesting ride, so please join us…….we do stuff, we don’t just talk about it.

Positive Karma is the Order of the day.







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