Another new Blog for you!!!

Just added a new blog to the roll Spacegobbie is a blog from a new friend of mine called Robert. if you like your Fleets 1/7000, like me, then keep a close eye on what he’s doing too, Big Trek/wars fan!


11 responses to “Another new Blog for you!!!

  • spacegobbie

    Thank! πŸ˜€ I have to say that I am a sci-fi fan. Lol any ship that looks cool is what I like. Trek and Wars is just the easiest ships to find miniature wise! πŸ˜€ Hope to make alot of peoples hunting of miniatures easier once I get my layout right! XD My page looks like an infant compared to yours! lol.

  • spacegobbie

    So hows it been! I got busy after my deployment ended. Looking forward to posting new stuff soon! Hope all is well!!!

    • slotkarman

      Hi Robert, great to hear from you again. I see you have been very busy on your blog, it’s looking good!
      Gutted to hear about shapeways I haven’t been on to look for ages…those ships will be missed.
      I recently purchased 2 Jem H’adar Battle cruisers from the Starship magazine series as they are pretty close in scale to fleet scale. Also have their DS9 model which is big!!! and another of the Romulan Birds of prey.
      Haven’t had time to paint anything for the fleets yet.
      Too many other things going on at the moment!!!!
      Good luck in Alaska scary place….huge area hardly anyone lives there!

      • spacegobbie

        Heh sounds awesome! Eventually I am still up for playing a fleet battle with you lol! πŸ˜€ And alaska will be alright heh, so yeah, and I find that the Heroclix sovereign class seems a bit small like the galaxy. Although the nebula looks more correct and slightly larger (easy enough to make it look like its proper size) Still got plans for my fleets and slowly catching up with what I was going to be buying and painting. Hope all is well my friend.

      • spacegobbie

        I checked out the Die-cast ships. Very impressive. Would you recommend getting the Romulan Warbird? I know the Dominion Battlecruiser and the DS9 station would fit snugly with the 1/7000 scale. I know you’ve been more a hallmark fan for the Warbird but I think its about the right size there as well. Or I might be wrong. What you think?

  • slotkarman

    Yes..Hallmark is great too! but the metal warbird is really in the ball park for size I now have 2. To be fair there aren’t many ships in the starships catalogue that would suit our purposes The Romulan warbird is certainly one of them. I’m very pleased with DS9 space station too!
    The thing is if you can get them in USA I would recommend doing so sooner rather than later as these things do go out of production so in effect are limited editions. There are some on ebay.

  • spacegobbie

    Alright! Oh, do you have any rules you follow with the games you play? if so is there a chance I can get them? Even if they are in the playtesting stage?! I am curious as to how you balance out the ships in the fleet. (ship stats and what not.) Heh And good advice that I will certainly follow. I might just postpone my other orders just to order what I need from that site.

  • slotkarman

    Well what we have is rough and not in digital format as we sat at the table with the mat out and made notes (in Pen) on dice rolls for movement and weapons for the classes of ships.
    sadly haven’t had a chance to sit down with my brother and develop it further.
    As for balance of fleets, the only commonality they have is they all have fighters! Some fleets have hugely powerful ships and some don’t….so there in no balance.
    We have thought of several ways we might do this.
    one is that every fleet starts off small with a basic number of ships then you get some sort of credit each game turn for mining or trade which you then put towards construction of new ships that you build…but it isn’t really thought through.
    another way is that there are only a few classes of weapons with advanced tech versions available again through developement.
    But it might take more hits from these weapons to destroy a bigger ship than a small one…also shields might have various stages of tech, again we haven’t gone through it. it is a massive work in progress and other factors and projects have stood in the way of further progress.
    eventually the aim is to print a rule book.

  • spacegobbie

    So I got a question for you (two really)! When it comes to fleet building, for destroyers and frigates, is it better to put three to a stand or single? Ive seen both being used in miniature battles so I thought I’d ask you your opinion! Also, I know you bought the Bergstrom BOP’s. How satisfied are you when it comes to those miniatures? I know they are 1.25 a ship. If there was a higher quality ship but it cost about 5.00 instead would you get it?! lol because after this last purchase I do getting 10 k’tingas for my klingon fleet im looking to purchase 20 birds of prey to be the backbone of the klingon navy. Hope to hear from you soon! and I dunno if you responded to my thing but I want to send you some ships I decided I wasnt going to use, so if you want some ships email me! πŸ˜‰

  • spacegobbie

    So have any new battle reports to tell us?! xD

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