Klingon additions

One thing my Klingon Fleet lacked in terms of ships was the iconic D7, I picked up a couple of these from Bergstrom late last year….i painted them in Fleet colour so they fit in with rest of fleet….although i’m not happy with my attempt at windows so will do that again!

Klingon D7



7 responses to “Klingon additions

  • spacegobbie

    Hey Si! How have you been!? Just outta curiosity but how many D7s or K’tingas do you happen to have in your Klingon fleet? Provider off of Shapeways has produced K’Tingas that look really good! a set of 3 for 12 dollars. I can see you building up your fleet with some D7s or K’Tingas to fill in the gaps between the Vorchas and BOPs! 🙂

    Just thought Id send you a friendly link and have you look at it! Also has a set of Jem Hadar Fighters that are 3 for 8.00 😉 I know theres a few makers out there that sell them for a dollar a ship but they look really good as well 😉

    (Jem Hadar FIghters)


    • slotkarman

      Been really busy away from fleet scale!!! I should really post some pictures of the new stuff!!!
      I have only a token number of D7’s just the two i think, I had to have them as they are iconic, but feel that they might not be at their best facing off against some of the awsome modern ships I have!!!
      I will make a note of those links, thank you.
      One I can focus my whole attention back onto fleet scale i will give thought to fleet numbers and make them more balanced…i think i have done that with the fighters at least. However the nature of my rules means that like in life nothing is really equal and it is kind of geared to alliances between players, so small fleets have to make friends!!!!!
      Will look forward to playing you when it’s all together!!!
      What other ships are planing to buy???
      Have you painted your frderation fighters yet????

  • spacegobbie

    Sadly no, My wife lost my first batch while I was deployed, I need to order alot of fighters to catch up. And Right now I am finishing up my Federation fleet with an Akira in the mail. I have 3 Vorchas and will be ordering 3 more Vorchas and 2 Negh’Vars to Bulster my fleet. After that I have to find another BOP manufacturer. I will order K’TIngas myself after I get the V’s and N’s.

    My next planned fleet after the Klingons will probably be the Vorlons or the Brakiri from Babylon 5. (always loved the Avioki Heavy Cruisers).


    Ill probably order my BOP’s from Starship Adversaries… if he’s still taking orders.

  • slotkarman

    Oh no that’s terrible!!!! Hopefully you’ll get them replaced….is she paying??? hahahahaha
    yeah can’t have enough Vorcha’s!!! I think they will be the work horse for the Klingon fleet!

  • spacegobbie

    Well, yes, it is a main ship that is a must have. I try to organize my fleets like this 1-3 DN’s, 2-5 BC’s, 6-8 CA’s, and then all small ships 8-16. Its a balanced fleet, and if I make a campaign then I can split up the ships for elevated ship combat. Lol… Sadly though there isn’t much in the way of the available ships the Klingons can have you know.

    DN would be Negh’Var.
    BC/HC would be Vorcha
    CA/CL would be K’Tinga/D7
    DD/FF would be BOP.

    Not much imagination between the ships sadly. If Providers shop does eventually hit up the Klingon and Romulan races, then I might beable to say “Yes, I have both a DD (BOP) and an FF (D20/D9) (http://home.comcast.net/~ststcsolda/klingons/klingons.html) LOL…
    I can dream can’t I?! buwahahaha.

  • slotkarman

    We have some fighters to add to that list something that we think look Klingon, but yes, that is what we have as a fleet there isn’t much else…but then i think that’s fine.
    I realised that fighters were going to be important to all races because we intend to have star wars fleets fighting against star trek ones….Star wars is very fighter based…as is Battlestar Galactica!!!! I like the idea of carriers!
    i will be adding a Valdore to the Romulans….but they are a similar situation not many actually ships to choose from…which keeps it simple again we have fighters for them.

  • spacegobbie

    Provider has come out with two new Klingon ship designs. One being a true tos design and one being a pre-K’Tinga class

    Should look into them. I bought the K’Tinga version. Will send pictures.

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