Additional Fleet Scale Terran Federation

My Terran Federation fleet is quite limited, lack of suitable models is one of the main reasons…when they go head to head with other races like say Romulans or Klingons I don’t really think they have the technology or power to take them on with anything like equal footing……it’s a problem i need to look at!

However Their Fleet has had a bit of a boost with the addition of a full fighter wing (from Brigade) of 24 fighters (This was the number agreed upon as a minimum fighter force for all races….most have 24 some have more…but all have fighters now!)

It wasn’t just fighters that have been added…..I ws able to convert another E4m plastic ship, and Scouls502 produces a lovely little ship called the “Starburst” which is quite a good proxy for a Pursuit ship, beautifully detailed for something so small…slightly smaller than my Shapeways version…so it slots in as some other class yet to be decided upon!…but I have 4….and may get more!

Terran FleetTerran Fleet

Terran fighters

Terran fighters ( from Brigade)

Terran federation starburst class


federation pursuit ships

Pursuit ship Right
Starburst Left


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