Roman Battle Scene…..Grave Updated!

The battle scene has been finished for a couple of weeks, and the wait continues for the perspex box to be delivered…it can’t go into school until safely contained within!!

I have been pondering running an after school model making and painting club…so decided to put out an SOS on a forum for any unwanted Roman and celtic figures. The response was great with several members Mikeland, Clivethecelt, Stuart and Carvel2 all sending me either parts, romans or celts.

Carvel2 send me some amphora and pots from the excellent Baueda

who have some very interesting accessories for the Roman/ancient  period (I will eventually get round to ordering their Legionary tent and the roman  worship/altar scene) Well worth checking out to add a bit more detail to your Roman or Greek armies.

All the Romans and celts will be taken into school and used for the children to assemble and paint.

I placed one of the Baueda pots in the grave scene,  I also changed the shield and added a dagger to make it a little more realistic. The pot works superbly well in there, Sadly, there was no room for the Amphora…i didn’t make the Grave big enough for the wine vessel so he will have to go into the afterlife without a drink in his hand!

Baueda potwarlord games Celt

2 responses to “Roman Battle Scene…..Grave Updated!

  • Josh WIlkin

    Lucky Kids! The full diorama is excellent, you/ Your wife should get a photo of the kids reactions. Im sure the model making/painting club will be a hit, I hope pictures of their ‘masterpieces’ will be put up! 😀

    • slotkarman

      Hi Josh, thanks for that. I know i would have loved something like this when i was at school!!! so I’m hoping it will inspire them in history and perhaps with the model making/painting to get into the hobby!
      Sadly it won’t be possible to publish any pictures of the kids faces, that’s not allowed these days without permission from parents etc which is fair enough, but I’ll certainly mention what they think and also take pictures of their efforts when we get to that stage!
      Anyway, glad you like the little segment of battlefield!

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