Davros and his Dalek Army

Been wanting to do this for a while…it also needed to be very cheap.

Sometime ago my attention was drawn to the fact that large 28mm scale Daleks were available on ebay. They were plastic freebies with a Dr Who magazine here in UK.  Easiest to obtain are the New Paradigm versions which are brightly coloured.

Have to say my favourites are the Gold “Ironsides” style dalek from 2005 series. These can also be found on ebay from time to time, and i would imagine they also were free gifts from the same magazine..though these are more difficult to get and only ever in small numbers.

I have now collected  a large force of both types and look forward to finding some time in new year to get some paint on these as well as do a few conversions…Like a Special weapons dalek.

A suitable Davros figure is available from Black Tree design but I cut him from his Dalek mobility scooter and cut down a new paradigm dalek base to bring him up to th required height….this resulted in three rows of sensor domes rather than four…but that is a minor detail to me….he is a new paradigm davros!

Now that I have The Ironside Daleks they will be painted Gold…one will become the supreme dalek the rest will be Davros’ Praetorian Guard. The New Paradigm versions will be painted in the various bright colours from the show.

I have also used a Warlord games Bolt action SS Vampire removed his fangs and made him a high ranking Kaled officer, it will  give davros someone to hang out with as daleks have a limited range of topics to talk about.

Davros and the Daleks

Davros and the Daleks

Dalek and Space marine comparison

Davros and the DaleksDavros and the Daleks

Davros and the Daleks

Ironside and new Paradigm

Davros and the DaleksDavros and the Daleks

Davros and the Daleks

Kaled Officer


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