Imperial Star Destroyers

Although I own a rather nice Bergstrom version of this ship it is a little on the small side for my 1/7000 scale armadas. I have been looking about for something bigger for a while.  Firstly I purchased The ship that was produced by De agostini for their star wars vehicle and ship magazine. Thatis slightly bigger and chunkier, but still not the size I wanted. Having used Hallmark’s Christmas tree decoration for my Romulan warbird, I took a closer look at their range. They two versions of a star destroyer, I opted to buy the bigger version that came with a miniature of the rebel Blockade runner. This version is much nearer the size although still a little smaller than 1/7000! we don’t live in a perfect world so this will have to do.

It now means I have had to reclassify the other two vessels since they aren’t big enough to be Star Destroyers! But I’d rather keep them.

Star Destroyer



Star Destroyer

De Agostini

Star Destroyer


Star Destroyer Comparison

Star Destroyer Comparison

Star Destroyer Comparison 2

Star Destroyer Comparison 2


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