Federation Fleet

Here are all my Star Fleet ships…I’m sure I’ll eventually add to them, but for now I have enough for my game.

Star Trek Federation Fleet


2 responses to “Federation Fleet

  • kobayashimaru

    Hi there! Great fleet, would you mind annotating it so we can see where all these wonderful ships came from? I assume a lot of the models came from shapeways 1:7000; did you opt for frosted ultra detail?
    There’s a website you might like called “federation models”: you can get a delta flyer, danube runabout, shuttlecraft and 1:677 peregrine fighters over there.

    I look forward to seeing you make Akula(Apollo), Kelvin, Cheyenne and Prometheus class starships if you get around to those. maybe even some of the new Abrams-trek ships, like the Armstrong, or the Kobayashimaru?

    • slotkarman

      Hi there firstly sorry for the very late reply…….
      Glad you like the little fleet….if you click on that section of my blog you’ll find that all the ships manufacturers are mentioned I just didn’t repeat it for that picture…most are from shapeways!
      I’ve been very quiet on this game and fleet for a long time, but I have a vast amount of ships still to paint and base for it, including some you mention above…can’t say when i will get back to doing this as I have vast amounts of other stuff that have to be done first….but i will get round to it!…so keep checking back!

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