Heroclix Federation Ships

The Galaxy and Nebula classes from Heroclix are slightly under scaled for 1/7000, but close enough to be used alongside the actual scale ships.

The reality is if you want fleets in this scale you are going to have accept that some of your ships are going to have to be as near as you can get! Slightly over, slightly under will have to do!

Heroclix Star Trek Nebula classHeroclix Star Trek Galaxy class


6 responses to “Heroclix Federation Ships

  • Robert Clark

    I was wondering, was that Galaxy from Heroclix as well? I was looking on Shapeways and found a Galaxy on there but the price was outrageous. So I started looking into Heroclix’s version. I might just get everything from Akira/Ambassador down to the Miranda and Constitution from Shapeways and get the Galaxy, (maybe Nebula) Vorcha, and Romulan Warbird from Heroclix. Any thoughts on the sizes. Technically the Romulan Warbird was HUGE compared to the Galaxy but I really dont pay that much attention to it.

    • slotkarman

      Hi Robert, thanks for the question.
      Yes….it’s a shame about Shapeways sometimes….The galaxy class o there was just too expensive!
      Although I started out really wanting to stick to 1/7000 scale for everything this just isn’t possible at present so on occasion it is necessary to compromise!
      the light blue Galaxy class are indeed from heroclix I also have and prefer the slightly bigger Furuta versions of Enterprise D and all good things variant….they are in the ball park but if exact scale isn’t too much of a an issue for you I’d go with Furuta…..if you haunt ebay like i do you will eventually get a some at a reasonable price!……let me also say…..you really, really should try and get A Romulan Warbird from hallmark (or several while some still exist)…..they are the closest in scale to 1/7000 that is availbale at present….and are quite cheap considering the size…again worth waiting on ebay….I’m a really big fan of their warbird it is superb and looks the part on the table…..it is difficult to do a warbird justice with a micro machine it being so powerful and huge!
      If i knew how to utilise the electronics inside for UK….I would have done!!!
      I’d recommend Shapeways for most of the ships that you can’t get in scale from Heroclix but I would advise checking out the material options available and getting a material more expensive than WSF if you can afford to….especially if the model is quite small.
      I’d also recommend you having a detailed look through my sci fi star fleet sections on this blog…becasue there are some links you might want to pursue especially Stu on starship combat forum…ask him for his catalogue…..tell him I sent you! His ships are fantastic especially the fleet scale fighters.
      let me know how you get on!

      • Robert Clark

        I have found quite a bit of nice 1/7000 miniatures, most of them coming from old venders that im surprised are still in print. lol… Big fan of B5 and Wars as well… will be purchasing some fleets here soon, all roughly the same ship composition. The one thing im not quite happy about about shapeways is most of the stuff on there has no details. The sizes are awsome, but the detail is lacking. I like the prices and can easily get a large fleet of anykind on there the 1/7000 scale, but it just fails on the detail for that size. (although BFG is a little too big and too expensive for ships) I looked into the other Romulan warbird you had on your site, (not the hallmark one) and it wasnt on the site anymore. if you wouldnt mind sending the link for the romulan ship id appreciate it much! 😀 But yeah….From the two Galaxy’s in ur pictures, the sizes arent too bad. The only thing im picky about is having all the ships from the same maker so it doesnt look horrible XD

  • Robert Clark

    Also, is there any sites you know of that post comparisons between the 1/7000, 1/5000, and 1/8000 ship sizes? I notices that 7000 and 5000 were popular on Shapeways. (and the fact that 5000 has nice looking B-Rel’s on there helps)

  • spacegobbie

    With Shapeways loosing almost all of its trek makers due to paramount pictures, Hero clix, just a tad bit smaller then 1/7000 now make for a realistic and cheap solution to TNG ships. Nebulas you can really fudge it an not really notice the difference…Galaxys yes, look undersized when put next to an ambassador from shapeways… BUT hey…. As I look at my mixed fleet of Heroclix and shapeways ships… My fleet is looking really good even with the slight size differences (more and more im becoming accepting of this arrangement)… lol…Just put your galaxy class on one side of the fleet and ambassadors on the other.. .Bam, Solution buwahahaha.

    • slotkarman

      Hi Gobbie, you’re going to laugh but that is exactly what i do to justify the scale difference, I put all the ships in different groups and place them on the table away from each other! hahahahahaha
      I did wonder how long it would take before the lawyers came out and ruined everything on shapeways.
      Clearly it won’t just end with paramount!!!!

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