USS Thunderchild Akira Class

This Akira class vessel is 1/7000 and again from Shapeways Eventually i will add some markings to illustrate the fact that it is the USS Thunderchild, so named after the British Navy Ship from HG Wells “War of the Worlds”.

Since this ship is supposed to be a Carrier, I wanted some Federation Fighters……sadly I couldn’t find any canon versions, but decided to raid Bergstrom for something that looked the part. I already have a quite a few of the superb Bergstrom fleet scale fighters, more of those in later posts!

So until such time as something more trek universe appears these will have to do, but i think they fit quite well, and that is all that counts at the end of the day!

Federation fightersUSS Thunderchild Akira ClassUSS Thunderchild Akira Class


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