Kirk Chair Laser Cut Plexiglass

Had this a while but haven’t blogged about it, until now.

One of the big problems I had with my last chair were the control arm parts, in particular the mounting plate for all the switches and light domes.

So I was more than pleased to discover someone who made them…his name is Carl, and he lives in Canada.  The plexiglass shape was cut out using a laser so totally accurate. A relief for me as i wasn’t looking forward to having to drill and cut out the parts myself!

Carl was extremely helpful, takes paypal( !) and did a mighty fine job. you can contact him Here  I believe he makes other Trek props to, so contact him for a list.

Here are the parts with lens domes for, I’ll be mounting them (in correct order) in the next few days, also hoping to have the lighting wired up too within the week.

progress is slow at the moment due to lack of funds, but hopefully, the new year should see a bit more action on the wood sections.

Trek Plexiglass panelsTrek Plexiglass panels


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