Terran Federation Heavy Cruisers

One of the first Fleets I started collecting was The Terran Federation from the TV series Blake’s 7.  The only available ship at the time was “The Pursuit Ship”.  On the show these travelled about in threes and seemed to be a minor threat to the Liberator.

However, in my game universe the other Fleets are equipped with ships vastly superior to the Federations Pursuit Ships which are basically Frigates. The best I could do at the time was to give Servelan a couple of Escort ships, but these again were no better than Frigates. Later I managed to find something suitable in the Destroyer size vessel but, like the escorts not cannon. As my other fleets grew it became apparent that the Terran Federation Fleet was going to struggle.

Hours and hours of searching for something suitably bigger drew a blank. Then it came to me, why not just buy a couple of upscaled Federation Pursuit ships and call them something else!!! They clearly looked the part and their obvious size would enable them to be something more powerful. So I went back to shapeways and purchased the large version of the Pursuit ship.

They are now the right size to be Heavy Cruisers….so that Fleet is up gunned a bit……still nothing in the battleship class!

For the time being at least this fleet is now complete!

Blakes 7 Terran Federation

A Pair of modifidied Shapeways Pursuit ships…Now Heavy Cruisers!

Blakes 7 Terran Federation

Blakes 7 Terran Federation

Cruiser along side Pursuit Ship

Blakes 7 Terran Federation

Heavy cruiser with the Liberator

Blakes 7 Terran Federation

Full Fleet


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