Parts arrive for the “Big Chair”

Things are now starting to happen with Captain Kirks Chair…. I have the swivel mechanism which is a 12 inch Lazy Susan from Rockler

Captain Kirk Chair parts

Bruce Boyd sent me the Switches and light domes, some Rocker switches and some other bits that I ordered, they are the control parts of the arm pods, they got here yesterday, very pleased with those. They will eventually be wired up to some sounds and will make lights come on….there will also be a working intercom!

Feel free to contact Bruce By clicking on the name/ link above should you require any parts/props for your Trek furniture!!! He doesn’t have a website but can provide you with pictures of the stuff he does together with prices.

Please mention this blog link when contacting him…you may even get a discount!!!

Here is a picture

Captain Kirk Chair Parts

I have a bit of work to do Painting the Rockers and some other parts, polishing some others, but I can get that done before I need to start thinking about wood! I’ll be going over the plans at the weekend. Updates as progress is made!


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