J.M.C. Mining Vessel

Well,  this ship is probably the most famous Mining Vessel in the history of Sci Fi and no Space ship collection would be complete without it…………………

RED DWARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is one series I have all the episodes of….and what is more it returns with a new series in October I think) (well over due!)

Anyway, I needed a mining vessel for my game, I just had to have one of these! Made by corgi in 2004 (I think) maybe getting scarce now……..obviously if it was in scale with most of my fleet (1/7000) it would be about 30 inches long so this is one ship i don’t mind having out of scale…..it looks the part as it is a fairly large ship.

I needed to touch up the paint work a bit,  basically just dry brushed to dirty it up a bit more but it is largely as it is straight out of the box.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf

Size comparison with the Liberator!!!


4 responses to “J.M.C. Mining Vessel

  • Big Al

    Ha, ha! My son has that model as well as Starbug and a scutter. Didn’t know a new series was coming on. I had heard that a film was to be made, but that was only rumour. Brilliant series! I can’t wait.

    • slotkarman

      Hi Al, “excellent”…I sound like Rimmer now! hahahaha I wish I could buy some Fleet scale Starbugs from somewhere…I couldn’t find any on Shapeways, I hope someone make some soon or i will have to learn 3d design software!
      I think the new series is on “Dave” quite appropriate really since that channel is named after lister….everyone reading this needs to go look up the Arnold Rimmer song on you tube…it always makes me laugh.

  • john rezendes

    great mini, you’ve done a great job with the minis. love the planets and moons and asteriods, i’ll have to order some soon.

    • slotkarman

      Hi John, many thanks, Glad you like them, drop me a line when ou’d like to order them……I may have to make a few to order!!! When i get the chance i will be adding a few more colour variations for the gas giant planets

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