Homeworld W.I.P

Next on my list of Planet Scenery is “The Homeworld”. Designed to be the centre piece of each system, and as such needs to be quite detailed, the other planets are great, but this one needed to be a step up!

I wanted the Homeworld to be Earth like and have a couple of Moons in orbit, which would move during the game, adding to the navigational nightmare! and are included in the set.

The Homeworld is considerably bigger than the normal Planet scenery, ( I have added a Purple Planet for scale purposes to the left hand side of photo) which allowed me to detail the surface to a greater degree.

Using Green stuff I sculpted the land masses into Alien continents. This took an extremely long time to do, but i am really happy with the results.

I will hopefully get some paint on them today and will follow with more pictures. Again, demand outstrips supply, so if you are intersted drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

Planet Scenery

Planet Scenery

Planet Scenery

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