The Big Chair…Captain Kirk’s Command Chair

Over 10 years ago I constructed, as best i could,  a full size Command chair to use as my PC Chair….it had a working intercom (to the kitchen!) but i never did get the lights sorted out or any of the switches to function.

Over the years it has taken a lot of battle damage…bits would fall off (arm rests) then a couple of weeks ago whilst I was moving it,  I managed to rip  the chair off the base… sat in pieces on the floor…..i hadn’t realised how attached i had become to this chair..The swivel chair part of it had formally been my work office chair back in 1989, it was so comfortable that i purchased it from my employer when they upgraded their chairs and used it at home.

it started to wear out and needed a reupholster, it was then that i decided to give it a huge make over.

I already had a book on star trek plans written by Franz Joseph which gave some detail…but there wasn’t a lot of info available…..trawling the internet in the early 2000’s i came across a group of people making episodes of  “The USS Exeter”…they gave me considerable help as they had just built a bridge and chair for their film set. it was enough to get me where i wanted to go.

The chair served me well for two 5 year missions!!!!!! but then fell victim to my build quality. I had planned to rebuild it,  not being able to part with it,  so started some research to see if i could find all the bits it lacked and give it a make over.

I came across several forums, trek props and ASAP which had a 200 page thread about building the most accurate chair available. I read the whole thing, and now armed with that information I decided to start again from scratch.

This time i started with the bits that i either didn’t get round to finishing last time or didn’t even start!

One of the main issues i had was the swivel mechanisim so this time i bought a 12″ lazy susan

My Brother has promised to take care of the electronics, soundcards and lights!

My Brother in law is going to help me with all the wood parts!

I have no idea how fast this can all be finished, but if it is ready by Christmas I’ll be quite happy!

Here is my first attempt shortly after it was finished in 2002.

Captain Kirk Command Chair

And then just before I completely disassembled it and took the bits to the dump 2012.

Kirks Chair Wreckage

it served me well, and i am very excited about starting an accurate replica of the real thing…..going to mount the PC, keyboard, printer and screen in some sort of enterprise bridge style consol!

Pictures as and when things happen!


5 responses to “The Big Chair…Captain Kirk’s Command Chair

  • 1bigal

    Excellent news! A worthwhile refit.

  • coffee supplement

    After I initially commented I seem to have clicked on the
    -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a
    comment is added I receive four emails with the same comment.

    Is there an easy method you can remove me from that service?

    Thanks a lot!

  • LifeWithStarTrek

    Did you know this guy got scam from a guy you got parts to build your Captain Kirk’s Chair ? Did you know or hear about this issue ? Makes you think that some people can not be trusted in these Star Trek forums. I am glad I am a STAR WARS fan !

    • slotkarman

      Hi and thanks for the comment. I have to say that I did not know about any scam involving this guy and his parts. I live in England UK, ordered my parts from him and they duly arrived in post from USA as promised.
      Clearly you order did not go as smoothly as mine, and I’m sorry to hear of your problems.
      I try to have a positive karma outlook on the web. Sure, I have been ripped off sometimes, who hasn’t? but largely most transactions go well and as promised. The least I can do is remove the link contact details of person concerned.
      I’m not entirely sure if the person I bought the parts from is still in business selling these things or not. I haven’t started building my chair again, just collected up all the parts I didn’t have on the last one.
      You probably lost a lot of money in the transaction, and rightly feel bitter about the experience, I surely would too. But I hope you can put it behind you and mark it down to experience, so that it doesn’t end up corrupting your association with Star Trek entirely.
      Things have a way of working themselves out eventually, perhaps not in purely financial terms, but to bring balance.

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