Asteroid Field Scenery

I have been rather busy around the house with a major D.I.Y. effort which is on going, so it limits my time on scenery production at the moment.

However, I have managed to bang out my own 2 sets (of 10 pieces) of Asteroid Fields, basing them on clear flying bases for a change.

Now, I have to say, scenery is one of those things that sometimes doesn’t get as much time or effort spent on it as perhaps it deserves. But nice scenery enhances the battlefield and compliments all that time spent on your armies/fleets in my opinion, so with this in mind i went the extra mile with my Asteroid fields.

I not only based my rocks but painted and highlighted them and the effect compared to the the bare rock is remarkable. The multi faceted surface of the rocks I was using were perfect to be picked out with a paint brush,  they now look in scale with the ships, rather than lumps of rock stuck on stands!

I have to say i am very impressed with my efforts they turned out better than i was expecting.  I know not everyone has the time or inclination to paint rocks, which is why I will be selling based and painted asteroid sets very soon. (keep checking few days will see the first limited sets of 10 available)

Since part of my game will be resources based…..I decided to paint up a few Rocks in order to give the mining craft something to harvest…….so I have some very nice Gold,  Green (Krypton???hahahahha) and Blue asteroids….The Gold ones look just like nuggets!!!! If only!!!!

Anyway hope you like my humble attempts.

Asteroid field

Asteroid field

Millenium Falcon with Asteroids

Jem 'Hadar with Asteroid

Liberator DSV2 with Asteroid

Romulan Warbird negotiates Asteroid belt

Asteroid Gold with Millennium Falcon

Asteroid Green with Millennium Falcon

Asteroid Blue with Millennium Falcon




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