Jem ‘Hadar Fleet

Here is my small Jem ‘Hadar Fleet from the fantastic Starship Adversaries

The Battle cruiser is a Resin garage kit, so you’ll need some modelling skills to complete it. Parts had a little flash, the occasional hole, which required a bit of tidying up, but then that is the case with all the resin kits I have ever made, and no problem at all!

Went together well, needed a bit of Liquid Green stuff, then gave it an under coat whilst I worked out what colours to use.

Although I saw most episodes of DS9 I managed to miss the battlecruiser…..(there are a few complete series i need to purchase!) I was taken with Jack’s (from S.A.) completed ship  and decided that Purple would be the colour for my Jem ‘Hadar Ships. It would make them stand out amongst all the green and grey!

So my take on the paint job  were a mix of the official studio model colours and Jack’s.  I used a lot of layers of dry brushing on Both the Battle Cruiser and the little Attack Craft.  I am very pleased with the result.  So that’s another alien race into the melting pot! The S.A. Negh ‘Var’s for the Klingons also arrived today they are currently in soak in soapy water! hoping to get them done in the next few days….So Stay Tuned!


Jem 'Hadar Battle Cruiser

Jem 'Hadar Battle Cruiser

Jem 'Hadar Battlecruiser with Vor'cha

Battle Cruiser with HeroClix Klingon Vor’cha

Jem 'Hadar Battle cruiser With DSV2 Liberator

For Scale with The Liberator DSV2

Jem'hadar attack ship

Jem’hadar attack ship

Jem'hadar attack ship With USS Defiant

Jem’hadar attack ship With USS Defiant


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