Romulan Fleet

Romulans….I really like their ships, the problem is not all that easy to get many classes of Romulan ships, and those that you can get aren’t available in fleet scale.

I very nearly caved and was about to purchase some micro machine Warbirds, Furuta also produce one, but neither is that big. The thing is The warbird is an immense size compared to virtually all other ships in the Star trek universe, so i wanted something that looked like it was going to be as close as i could make it to 1/7000. For a while it seemed the only option in terms of a larger ship was the Ertl Model kit….but this was sadly twice the size it should be and at £30+ each not really an option. I then started to take note of something I kept seeing on my Ebay searches….A Christmas tree decoration from 1995 by Hallmark. It turned out to be 5.5 inches long….it was around 1/8000 scale so that was close enough! You’ll need to pull out the hanging eye/hook, and also snip off the cable that would connect to your US christmas tree decorations light system!

I then tucked up the remainder of the cable and filled the hole with green stuff (it’s on the underside) before repainting. I may need another one so please remember to save one for me!!!!!

………then I also noticed that Star  warbird also produced a rather detailed model…I purchased one of those as well (click on link above)….it turned out to be a tiny bit smaller than the hallmark version so I have changed it’s class, as it is too good not to use.

My other vessels are Talon Scout ships from the magnificent Starship adversaries  and a couple of non canon Star trek Romulan vessels from sellers on Shapeways Romulan type ship 1 “Delon Kelahri” and Romulan type ship 2 “Dragohawk” there are others but i liked the look of these.

Romulan Fleet

Converted hallmark xmas tree decoration

Converted hallmark xmas tree decoration!

Converted hallmark xmas tree decoration

Converted hallmark xmas tree decoration

Star warbird

Star warbird….slightly smaller than hallmark version. (repainted)

Romulan Heavy Cruiser

From Shapeways “Delon Kelahri”

Romulan Ship

Fom shapeways  ” Dragohawk”

Romulan Scout ship

Romulan Talon Scout ship

Romulan Scout with USS Defiant

Romulan Scout with USS Defiant

Vor'cha and Warbird

Heroclix Vor’cha and Hallmark Warbird

Warbird and Galaxy class

Heroclix Galaxy Class and Hallmark Warbird.

Warbird and Liberator DSV2

….and just for fun, Warbird and Liberator DSV2


14 responses to “Romulan Fleet

  • Big Al

    I’m a fan of the Romulans as well, but not this late in the Star Trek Universe. I prefer the ones from the original series and the films. You do know that the Klingon Warbird was a joint development between the two races, don’t you? The Romulans have the same ship with a better cloaking device.

  • malleman

    The original intention for that style of Dragohawk was for TMP era, but they really look good with your Next Gen fleet.

  • john

    great job on the romulan hallmark conversion. i’ve had the same problem with romulan warbirds, i have some micro machines, but i think i will do what you did and get me some hallmark.

    • slotkarman

      John, i was toying with the idea of using the onboard electronics ( i think they have sound…but they certainly have lights) in some way and running them down inside the flight stand to a battery……but I chickened out! I don’t know if it is possible, but it would have been fairly cool.
      Once they have been repainted they are pretty good detail and size is much better than Micro machines…in fact they are as close as you can get something like 1/8100 scale i think.

      • john rezendes

        that is an excellant idea, did you do it? sorry to get back to you this late, i moved at this time, then had health issues. then i got back online at home in febuary.

      • slotkarman

        Hi John, hope you are feeling a lot better now, and sorry for the extremely late reply.
        Sadly, no i didn’t do anything with the electronics inside..I’m not an expert and likely would have had an accident! The main issue for me was they were design to run off US christmas tree lights….and i live in UK…so a bit of a headache for someone like me who can only replace bulbs!!!!

  • Dean

    do you have a link for the star warbird. i have tried searching but found nothing. looks nice but cannot find where you purchased it.

  • Dean

    can you provide a link for the star warbird. i tried searching bur found nothing and would like to purchase one.

  • M1ndr1d3rs

    Hi, could you give links to where I could buy the star warbird? I have hallmark warbirds as well, but I think the shape is a bit inaccurate.

    • slotkarman

      I got mine on ebay…under the search Romulan warbird….this one came from japan, they are quite rare, the only thing you can do is search on a regular basis on there eventually one may crop up…if anyone reading this knows of an outlet please supply link, regards

  • Luke Ward

    That repaint job looks amazing; it accentuates all the beveled edges very nicely! Could you describe your method, or what paint you used?

    • slotkarman

      Hi Luke, thank you for that much appreciated.
      Well, in an ideal world I would have used GW snot green paint…but i had already used that on the klingons!…so I had to find another shade of Green and settled for a Black Green from Revell.
      Paint the whole thing in the green of your choice. When dry a generous coating of black wash…when that is completely dry,………..Then dry brush in the same green as base coat, then mix the same green paint with a cream colour 50/50 ratio and then dry brush that on over the top …and that will pick out all the detail for you.

  • spacegobbie

    SO as you know my friend, I am constantly keeping up with shapeways models. The Dragonhawk (and variants) are no longer for sale 😦 I sent a message to the maker to see when it might beable to be reprinted again.

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