Imperial Force………

Latest additions to my Imperial Fleet, The 160km Death Star II which was a gift from my Brother who had been collecting A Star Wars magazine series a few years back…this was one of the models available and it fits in nicely with what I’m doing.

Straight out of the box, and not repainted

Death Star

My Second order at Bergstrom was for some Fighters etc so my Imperial Star Destroyer, also from Bergstrom had an air group!!

The Fighters are fantastic and I shall go back for more, being small they are extremely difficult to paint, but dry brushing over black was really the only answer…and it works well. Firstly with a light grey then a white.

Darth Vader X1 Fighter

This is Darth Vaders X1 Fighter!

TIE Fighters

Standard TIE Fighters….at the moment I only have two groups of three, but will likely get several more Squdrons.

TIE Interceptor

One squdron of  TIE Interceptors

TIE Bombers

TIE Bomber Squadron


A Pair of Advanced TIE X1 Fighters

Imperial Fleet

My Fleet so far……..

Imperial Fleet


2 responses to “Imperial Force………

  • Big Al

    They look very nice. You should keep an eye open for the forthcoming Star Wars X-Wing game being released by Fantasy Flight Games this summer. In fact, anytime soon. It works along similar lines to their WW1 game Wings of War, where you are the pilot of an X-wing or Tie Fighter in a dogfight. Looks good and I will certainly be considering it!

    • slotkarman

      Yes, I have seen that and looks pretty good…I might well have to put it on my Xmas list.
      I have a great deal more of these little fighters on their way…..Squadrons of them!

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