USS Excelsior…..Heroclix repaint!

This fits in nicely with 1/7000 scale and is one of  a handful of ships that does, Can’t say i liked the paint job when it arrived, could have had more detailed so decided to repaint it and ty and keep the decals! So quite a useful ship from Heroclix for me.

This isn’t an exact reproduction of the paint job but it is more in the style of !!

but I like it and that is all that counts!

USS Excelsior

USS Excelsior





2 responses to “USS Excelsior…..Heroclix repaint!

  • Michael Lu

    The really funny thing about this is that this “Excelsior” actually isn’t even the correct ship type! They used the model for the Ingram Class Space Control Ship, a semi-canon ship that exists as a published series of blueprints, instead of the actual USS Excelsior filming model. That basically makes this the first widely available piece of merchandise of the Ingram Class, if not the ONLY piece of merchandise ever made for it.

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