Terran Federation Destroyers, Bulking out the Fleet

Given that The Terran Federation seem to be limited to Pursuit Ships in the TV series (although they mention other types) I decided that I needed to bulk out their Fleet if they were to stand any chance in battle against anyone other than the Liberator!

I didn’t want 40 of the same ship so decided to see if there was anything out there that might fit the bill. One of My friends who is a regular contributor on here and Warlord games Forum (where i occassionally hang out) Where he is known as BigAl, suggested several sites one of which was GZG Having had a long browse the Islamic Federation Fleet looked a possibility…so when a set of 4 Destroyers came up on ebay I jumped at the chance to pick up some ships for a bargain price!

The only problem I had was mixing the right shade of “Panzer Primer” to match the Pursuit ships….I think i got away with it.

They certainly don’t look out of place amongst The Pursuit ships. There is a kind of basic design that is common to both, so it isn’t a great leap of faith to think that the destroyers are part of the Fleet……But if they are painted the same and hang out with Servalan, then hey…..they are federation!!!!

Federation Destroyer

Federation Destroyer

Terran Federation Fleet



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