Servelan’s ‘Pursuit 4’ Command Ship


Right that’s enough of that!………….. She was the Evil leader of the Terran Federation.  Realizing that She had her own ship meant another visit to Shapeways…… So when I purchased the Scorpio I also picked up an additional Pursuit ship to paint up as her vessel.

Now seeing as normally Pursuit ships are a rusty brown colour I would assume that The Federation Ship yards gave them a lick of a Panzer like Primer and sent them on their merry way (In reality there is no corrosion or dirt or weathering in space…..apparently!) For reasons unknown Servalan’s Ship got a top coat of White paint….maybe being leader that is a perk of the job, either way it made my job a bit easier….. I didn’t do any conversions just painted it, once I get the episode on DVD I will use it as a reference source and see if the ship is modified in any way.

Servalan's pursuit 4


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