Fleet Scale Fighters……….. Advanced Viper

Been meaning to post these for a while….!

This was the remaing part of my 1st  Studio Bergstrom order. The Fighters!!!!

Being fleet scale, they are very small. They come with a flight base designed by Bergstrom to enable 6 fighters to be mounted.  2 issues with that,  one, all my flight bases are the same type so these would look a bit odd, but my main problem was i coud not get super glue to fix the little fighters to the pin heads and just gave up with them.

I decided the answer was to use my normal flight stand and create something for the fighters to be placed on. I had a sheet of clear plastic and decided to make a triangular clear base…it needs to be fine tuned, but I’m happy with it, and 3 Fighters to a stand is enough.

These little Fighters are a Development of the Viper model from B.S.G. it would seem…..I decided to paint them a light Blue colour,  just to make them stand out….it isn’t easy painting something this small, so it was a basic job, a bit of dry brushing works wonders!!!

I was lucky enough to get an extra fighter in my order…so decided to paint that one Red…perhaps an indipendant hero type…have to give that some thought. Any way as normal, as an idea of scale I normally use the Liberator to give an impression of size…so likely a shot of that in there too!

Advanced Viper Fighter

Advanced Viper Fighter with Liberator DSV2




2 responses to “Fleet Scale Fighters……….. Advanced Viper

  • Lawrence Cohen

    Yay! I see someone besides me still plays LUG’s Star Trek Roleplaying Game! You make these yourself? Can you print the name and call number “USS Twilight NCC – 74413” onto a Nova Class? How much?

    • slotkarman

      Hi Lawrence, thanks for the comment. sadly not able to do anyhting that small or detailed with this printer but there is a guy on the star ranger forum who does make ship numbers and names for these ships, and he is your best bet.
      Alternatively they are various pro companys out ther who will print off a whole sheet for you, like company B, http://www.companyb.biz/
      they would be much better than anything I could do.

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