Ambassador Class

This Ambassador Class Star Ship is simply amazing in it’s detail

in 1/7000 scale and from Shapeways it is a likeness of, not an exact copy , but I really think this is one of the best Star ships available from that site. A pleasure to paint…one of my new favourites!

Ambassador Class

Ambassador Class

With a tiny 1/7000 scale Defiant!

Ambassador Class

With the liberator

Ambassador Class




One response to “Ambassador Class

  • spacegobbie

    That ship is one of my all time favorite ships. Cross between the Galaxy and the Constitution, it just flows right with any fleet of feddies you build! I have one now (when I get home I will paint it) with 2 more on the way. They will provide my Heavy Cruiser strength. One of the two models I will paint to be the upgraded version, with modified nacelles. (i think its called the Yamagachi version… but dont quote me on it lol)

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