1/7000 scale Trek

Being a big fan of the Star Trek universe it was just a question of time before I started collecting these ships. I had 7 versions of the enterprise in 1/2500 scale but these were to big to game with, and i hadn’t got round to finishing them off……getting rid of them was a wrench…but I knew that i could replace them all in a more suitable size…so it wasn’t so bad.

Scale can be an issue for many reasons, mixing scales is often something difficult to swallow for those of us who are a little OCD about such things! But hey, we don’t live in a perfect universe! The way i get round such dilemmas is allow for slight differences amongst ships, but if something is well out of scale there maybe options to convert it to represent a larger Vessel, or just keep the scales seperate…which is what I’m going to do with your Constitution class Al!!!!! I think I can stretch to a mini game of T.O.S. at some point…..the detail is better at 1/3000 ish!!!

Space stations are another problem.  Some would be so large that they wouldn’t fit easily on the table, so i treat them as i do the planet scenery…..accept that they have to be smaller!

So armed with this convenient get out clause, it allowed me to pick up a few things like Space Stations, and Borg Cubes! I have been able to plunder from ranges i would normally have to disregard, like micro machines, Furta, Heroclix etc. Some ships are actually in scale, or at least very close,  so that is a good way to bulk out a fleet….and save painting and applying decals, but in the main I use 1/7000 scale vessels from Shapeways and fit everything around that.

So in the coming post’s expect some interesting ships!




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