Liberator DSV2 from “Blake’s 7”

Some while back I was looking into 3d Printing and came across this site Shapeways quite a few creative people on there making and selling things.

One thing in particular caught my eye the LRV- 7  a looky likey ship close enough to be a substitute Liberator! I needed to have some sort of reason to own it……then came upon the idea that I should incorporate  the model into a table top wargame…..I purchased some pursuit ships and set about planning the game….of which, more later!

The Model arrived yesterday, and i set to work straight away… it took 2-3 hours to finish it and the pursuit ships.

Now a quick word about the 3d printed ship…..The model itself is strangly porous it soaks up the paint right off the brush…..this is not too much of a problem, but it is different. The other point to note was the models them selves are not smooth, they have a very fine texture, which i believe you can remove completely by selecting a more expensive medium from the list. I knew this in advance of my order and opted for the second cheapest…white strong flexible polished.  Have to say it wasn’t as polished as I had hoped, but then it was better than option one i assume and there seemed to be less surface texture than I imagined.

The photo’s are extreme close ups, they kind of over play the texture issue, which has to be said to the naked eye really isn’t a problem. I dry brushed the ship so that may also have added emphasis.

The only other issue was that my Liberator had a damaged antenna/laser? it was missing completely, either it was broken in the packing process or it didn’t get printed. I managed to fashion a replacement part from a celtic spear! and glued it back on….. my super glue didn’t seem to have any effect…but normal model glue (poly cement) worked fine. So no real problems.

I would throughly recommend this model, and I myself will be buying more!

The coin in the picture is a UK penny for scale purposes (model is 50mm long) 

Liberator DSV2

Liberator DSV2

Liberator DSV2

Liberator DSV2 and Federation Pursuit Ship

With FederationPursuit Ship for scale (fed ship 29mm)

5 responses to “Liberator DSV2 from “Blake’s 7”

  • 1bigal

    That is a nice model. The rough surface is not that bad. I wonder if spraying it with a varnish would smooth it out and then paint it?
    One other question is Why do you need to buy more? As I recall there was only one Liberator. The Federation Pursuit ship looks nice too!

    • Red Cardinal

      >>white strong flexible

      Give it a light brush with an old toothbrush,then give it a couple of light coats nof Future/Johnsons Klear/equivalent (brush dont dip it) before painting.

      Don’t get the polished finished as they get that by (no surpise) polishing it!

      • slotkarman

        thanks for the tip Red cardinal, (and sorry about the late reply) I’ll remember that next time, i’m guessing this will also fix the rough surface texture to?

  • slotkarman

    Thanks Al…..I did toy with the idea of spraying it first with some matt varnish…..but the weather wasn’t great at the time. I was hoping that it would have two benefits…one reducing the surface texture (although it wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be) and more importantly making the job of painting such a porous surface a lot easier, so that might be worth doing for that reason alone. The one thing that argued against that was the concern that i might take out some of the detail around the pods as it is quite fine. A tricky one that!
    As for buying more……No not Liberators…more ships from shapeways!!! so many to choose from so little time…..and money!

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