Federation Pursuit Ship from “Blake’s 7”

Another model from the shapeways site Alliance Pursuit ship. I purchased three of them…they always seemed to go round in threes on the TV show…and had three crew…..which didnt really seem enough for a ship about 120 metres long! But then The Liberator was about 330 metres long and had 6 crew!!!!!….it was meant to be around the same size as the USS Enterprise from the original series of star trek! Ok then, less anorak and more photo’s!!!

Federation Pursuit Ships

Size compared to Liberator

I also decided to Beef up the federation forces with additional ships to give them some sort of chance against DSV2…. These are plastic space ships that I have modified slightly (Cockpit removal) and they are now Federation Light Cruisers………..

2 Cruisers with Pursuit Ship for scale.




2 responses to “Federation Pursuit Ship from “Blake’s 7”

  • 1bigal

    Right! I like the pursuit ships, but the cruisers I’m not so keen on. I think that it is because they seem a little too small for cruisers. The bases look good too.

  • slotkarman

    well they…the “Cruisers” were fighters i removed the cockpits…perhaps Interceptors or Patrol craft would be better…something less dynamic….and smaller! they aren’t big, not even for light cruisers!!!

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