Alien Ships for “Full Thrust” (Green)

I purchased a set of plastic ships on sprues that would be usable with the Liberator and federation ships in a table top wargame based around the rules of “Full Thrust”……there maybe better rule systems out there, but these ones were free! I’m sure i will adapt the rules to fit in with the game i have planned but they will be the frame work.

To pad out the universe with additional fleets of ships….and Alien races, none of which have any names as yet.

At the moment this force are called…….wait for it……..”Green Ships”!!!!

it consists of 2 light cruisers and 2 Fighter types.

Green Cruisers with a penny for scale

full thrust space ship

Cruiser close up

full thrust space ship

Cruiser with Fighter

full thrust space ship

A pair of fighters…and yes i have noticed the red smudge on the right hand space ship….I have dealt with it now!!!!


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