Imperial Roman Officer Corps

Not content with what comes in the box, I like to convert/kit bash things….Roman Officers of higher rank than Centurion or one in a different posse are no exception. I also like to make my own Shield Blazon Decals which also changes the look from the norm.

Most Of my Roman figures are either plastic or metal or both.

Here are some of my efforts…………

This Guy is a Conversion of  using a metal Attic helmet.

He is a Roman Navarchus (Admiral) is Commander of my Roman Marine unit and Bireme…”The Dolphinus”

Since my Roman Army is a Fantasy Force I don’t worry too much about my choice of my army i try to give each branch of service a different colour, so they stand out on the battlefield.

This figure represents a Tribune of Auxiliary Forces. Most of my Auxiliary units have Green about them somewhere. He is a plastic Centurion with a metal attic helmet head.

A Tribune in The Roman Marines (another Auxiliary Force) The Colour of my Marines is the colour of the Sea……Blue! Gladius is a spare from the Wargames Factory Numidian set.

Legionary Tribune has a pilum and an Attic Head….this one is quite lucky he gets to ride in a War Quadriga ! (Chariot)

Just a shield swap for this metal command figure. I made the shield Blazon myself……he is now a Centurion of the Batavian Auxilia.


This figure is from Praetorian Plastic box set. He is painted up to represent a Primus Pilus in the Legion.


These Figures represent The Command for Missile troops (Archers and Ballista) A shield swap on a metal Auxiliary command pack. (My own shield Blazon Decal)

This Figure represents a Roman Marine Centurion. He is made from a centurion head, Legionary Body, shield is hexagonal type in metal from A&A miniatures The Shield Blazon is my own design.



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